Logistore is the manufacturer & distributor of industrial equipments. Our products are extremely durable making it a high performance material, ensuring the highest standard of quality. It's ideal for industrial equipment, working benches, trolleys, hand trucks, working table, tool storages, ... It includes all equipments for your workplace... Read more...

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Store Lifter

Code: 41820
Price: Call

Trolley- Pallet Cage

Code: 59110...
Price: Call

Flatform Trolley

Code: 57210+57220...
Price: $62.11

Shop And Storage Tro

Code: 57250...
Price: Call

Exhibition And Sales

Code: 57254...
Price: Call

Aluminium Hand Truck

Code: 57010+57019...
Price: Call

Flexible Roller Conv

Code: 39000...
Price: Call

Stable Worktable

Code: 74302 + 743...
Price: $146.44

Packing Table Kit

Code: 74324...
Price: $322.23


Scissor Lift

Manual scissor lift with a telescopic cylinder.  Automatic quicklift, 38 mm/pump...

Stationary Lifting Table With Ramp

Electric lifting table for best ergonomics and working environment.  Stationary...

Fork Mover

Strong and flexible fork mover that facilitates for replacement. Built-in fork locking...

Motorised Pallet Trucks

Strong and flexible motorised pallet truck with a small turning radius (1572 mm)...
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